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ConTec specializes in concrete technology, in particular in  rheology of cement based materials such as cement paste, mortar and concrete.   Our goal is to be leading in concrete technology.  We sell vicometers and bring our knowledge to others in the form of lecturing and consulting.  Our target group, both for our instruments but also for our service in consulting and lecturing are those in industry, university or research institution who work with problems related to fresh concrete properties and/or others cement based particle suspension such as cement paste, grout, repair materials, mortar, for instance self leveling flooring grout

The Viscometers
ConTec produces and sells coaxial cylinder viscometers in variable sizes or capacity testing on material sample from 300 ml to 25 liters. The viscometers are fully automated and computerized viscometers for fresh concrete, mortar and paste.  The first viscometer BML-viscometer was developed at the Norwegian Institute of Technology by Dr. Olafur Wallevik et. al. as a part of an extensive research program on fresh concrete properties during years 1982-1991.  Under the supervision of  Dr.Wallevik there have been developed more types of viscometers.  The viscometers have been sold to several countries around the world.

Dr. Wallevik
Dr. Olafur H. Wallevik has worked with the rheology of concrete and other cement based particle suspensions since he finished his master thesis on that theme at the Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1983.  In the year 1987 he made the first version of the BML Viscometer.  He received his doctor degree in rheology from the same university in 1990.  His special fields are Rheology of Fresh Concrete, High Performance Concrete, High Strength Concrete, Self-Compacting Concrete and Microstructures.
He is the head of the concrete division at the Icelandic Building Research Institute (IBRI) and the manager of ConTec Ltd.  Dr. Wallevik has many senior positions, including being vice president of the Nordic Rheology Society and the chairman of the scientific commission in the Nordic Concrete Federation.
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Rheology Course
Our seminar, Dr. Wallevik Rheology course:  Rheology of Coarse Suspensions, such as Cement Pa
, Mortar and Concrete”, have been hold in over 8 different countries.
The course is designed for those in industry, university, or research instutution, who work with problems related to fresh concrete properties and/or other cement based particle suspensions such as cement paste, grout, repair materiald, mortar, for instance self leveling flooring grout.
The purpose of the course is to give a broad introduction to the basics in rheology of coarse particle suspensions with a main focus on fresh concrete and practial applicatin of it.  Also, to give an introduction to coagulation rate process to explain the mechanism which controls the workability loss.

Last courses:  A special course was hold by CBI Sweden:  Rheology of Self-Compacting Concrete.  
In last months courses have been hold in : USA, China and Germany.

In additional to the viscometers and the courses we have been bringing our knowledge in to several companies in Europe and USA in the form of consulting.



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