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ConTec Viscometer 5
The ConTec-Viscometer 5 is a coaxial cylinder viscometer for course particle suspension that is suitable to measure the rheological properties of cement paste, mortar and concrete with about 120mm slump or higher.

The rheological properties are described by the fundamental parameters in the Bingham model, the yield value, and the plastic viscosity. They are calculated by the Reiner-Rivlin equation or for concrete. One can also choose to use the values G and H instead of the Bingham parameters, and they are often preferred, as they are simpler and easier to implement. The calculation process also qualifies the proneness of the concrete-mix to segregate by the segregation factor (S), which can be considered as the change in viscosity during testing.

The specified performance range of the ConTec Viscometer 5 is for torque 0.27 Nm to 27 Nm and for rotation velocity 0.1 revolutions per second (rps) to 0.6 rps under normal testing conditions. The absolute range for both the velocity and the torque can be optionally adjusted. The very low rotation velocity of the viscometer makes it possible to measure the stress-deformation curve of the sample  mix, an important factor regarding consolidation of concrete. The high torque range of the viscometer is necessary when testing high performance concrete.

Maximum aggregate size: 22 mm for the standard version. When testing larger aggregate size the coaxial cylinder system is replaced with the Tattersal impeller or our parallel plate system, CoPlate, which enables testing of concrete with maximum of 40 mm aggregate size.

Both cylinders of the coaxial cylinder system contains ribs (or roughened surfaces) to reduce/prevent slippage.

Perhaps the most important aspect with the ConTec Viscometers is that the user can in fact create his own geometry and thus the flexibility of this device is un-presented.

With the standard coaxial system, our CoPlate parallel plate system and the Tattersal impeller one can create all the 3 fundamental types of concrete rheometers in the one and the same device.

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